3. Underwear

One Christmas my cherished aunt gave my brother and me a set of bikini cut Jockey underwear (suggestively packaged in an 8" plastic tube) and unknowingly indoctrinated her twelve year old nephew into the world of fetish. I became obsessed with underwear. My old briefs seemed stodgy and sexless. My new pairs were daring in color and cut. I set out to modify my old line by standing in front of the bathroom mirror with a pair of shears and turning traditional briefs into g-strings, loin cloths and tattered garments that suggested the latter days of a shipwrecked scenario. I replenished my briefs by stealing pairs from my friends and once from the shower room at the public pool. Though my overstuffed underwear drawer would evidence otherwise, my obsession has subsided over the years and my tastes reverted back to the classics. I did however, recently come across a ridiculously priced and exquisitely made pair of Schiesser boxer briefs that registered a familiar thrill.

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