The artist known as Babyhip re-imagines the boys of Southpark as young fags. In her version, the boys are drawn as gangly, fey teens who resemble the watery-eyed subjects of Elizabeth Peyton paintings and have a Larry Clark-penchant for sex, drugs and guns. Their rebellion seems to be fueled by the reoccurring death of their friend and lover, Kenny McCormick (a plot point borrowed from the original series). All of their interactions with Kenny, romantic or otherwise, are cut by the knowledge that he will soon meet a violent end. Again and again he is lovingly memorialized by Babyhip in glorious, gothic splendor. Babyhip's work falls within the curious, Japanese phenomenon of slash comics, or yaio, in which fans (most often women writing for women) queer popular, fictional male characters. (Also check out the accomplished work of South Korean artist Eunyoung91)

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